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Musical Instruments Insurance

Updated: May 16

A violin, piano, or other musical instrument may take a lifetime to master. In only a few seconds, however, everything can be lost due to theft, a natural disaster, or another unforeseen event. Most homeowners insurance comes with a limited amount of protection for valuable items like instruments, a "special limit" of $500 or $1000. When an item exceeds this limit, it makes sense to consider increasing that limit or adding scheduled personal property, either as a "Blanket" or "Itemized" feature. The benefit? If a loss occurs, it may be insured.

Is insuring my violin really worth it? Accidents happen. A policy specialized for your instrument may be the best way to protect yourself against irreparable damage and high replacement costs.

Make sure your prized possessions are protected.

Unlike an unendorsed "basic" home insurance policy, a scheduled personal property endorsement can help make sure your instrument(s) are protected from a variety of common concerns.

  • String instruments are highly susceptible to accidents and damage.

  • Flood and earthquakes are insurable "causes of loss."

  • Accidents during transit are often outside our control, and may be covered by insurance.

  • Replacement costs change and extended coverage of up to 150% is a good hedge against market forces.

  • Blanket coverage and Itemized coverage have different benefits, so each should be understood and considered.

Not sure what’s worth covering, or how much coverage you need? Not a problem. Acacia Insurance has been helping to make the unexpected uneventful since 1988, and we look forward to working with you. Please contact us with questions and for additional information.

The insurance policy, not this Web site, forms the contract between the insured and the insurance company. The policy may contain limits, exclusions, and limitations that are not detailed in this Web site. Coverages may differ by state.

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