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Jewelry, Fine Arts, and Collectibles Insurance

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

From an engagement ring to baseball cards to Van-Gogh — is your homeowner’s policy enough protection?

What do jewelry, fine antiques, rare vintage wines, a fur coat and baseball cards have in common?

They’re all valuable possessions that are probably not covered (or minimally covered) by your homeowner’s insurance. Even if you have a special policy for high-value homes, there are limitations to what is covered unless you have your valuables insured with a Scheduled Valuable Possessions Policy.

Blanket coverage is different from an itemized schedule. We work hard to educate our clients on the benefits of each, helping to ensure the right coverage before a loss occurs.

The benefits of scheduling your valuables

Most home insurance, condo insurance, and renters policies have important sub-limits on jewelry. In other words, your engagement ring, diamond studs, or Rolex may be subject to a $500 limit of coverage, a fraction of its actual value. Scheduling valuables can solve that problem. Benefits include:

Speedy and painless claims settlement. An agreed value is preset for each item—you know in advance what you’ll be paid in the event of a claim.

Theft, mysterious disappearance and breakage are covered. The cause of loss could not deny replacement of a cherished item.

Blanket or Itemized coverage.

One saves you the time of having your less valuable items appraised, while the other may extend coverage up to 150% of the appraised value. We will help you make the right choice.

No deductible and coverage anywhere in the world, while traveling, etc.

There are enough things to worry about when traveling; your jewelry shouldn't be one of them.

Beyond the basics:

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Ready to learn more?

Acacia Insurance has been helping to make the unexpected uneventful since 1988, and we look forward to working with you. Please contact us with questions and for additional information.

The insurance policy, not this Web site, forms the contract between the insured and the insurance company. The policy may contain limits, exclusions, and limitations that are not detailed in this Web site. Coverages may differ by state.

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