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Specialized Coverage for Jewelry, Fine Arts, Wine, and Collectibles

If you are considering scheduling jewelry, fine arts, wine, or other high value items, it has never been easier to get "Scheduled Valuable Possessions coverage". Items can be scheduled on an individual or blanket basis, and when an item is scheduled, no deductible is applied to a claim. For more expensive items, Acacia Insurance may recommend Chubb for convenience and quality of service: Chubb may not require appraisals for items with an individual value under $50,000.


Certain valuable possessions may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Even if you have a special policy for high-value homes, there are limitations to what is covered unless you have your valuables scheduled.

Want to bulletproof your personal insurance? Talk to us about our exclusive 4-step systematic process designed to eliminate gaps and inconsistencies, reduce premiums, and improve coverage.

They are a delight to work with

For a number of years my wife and I have looked to Acacia Insurance to help us with our insurance needs. Dan and Adam are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and they are a delight to work with. Insurance can be like buying a mattress—you don’t really know what’s inside, but with their guidance we feel we are getting everything we need at a fair price and not paying for anything we don’t need. If you ever have to make a claim, you want full value from your insurance and you want someone you can trust to get the right policy; that’s where Dan and Adam come in.



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