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Insuring Fine Art

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

At Acacia Insurance, we know that your collection has value beyond its physical worth — it also has an emotional value that is difficult to measure.

Where monetary values are concerned, the art market seems to follow rules of its own, as it frequently rises or declines contrary to the stock market. And yet, “As the 21st century unfolds into a new era of enlightenment, the art world will be reshaped around virtual creation and a virtual (but very real) economy...Even in the virtual world of the Metaverse, singularity will remain one of the most prized qualities”… Thierry Erhmann, Founder of Artprice & President of

The current surge in the art market, along with the rise and fall of NFTs, is no passing fad: Worldwide art sales surpassed $67B in 2019 and the US represents over 40% of global sales.

Closer to home, the question we hear is "Why should I insure my art?" And that leads to another question: "After a loss, what would it cost to replace your...?"

What’s your passion?

Whether your interests run to contemporary painting, Empire furniture, precious gemstones or Ming dynasty pottery, we can insure what is most precious to you.

Our affiliation with the best carriers in the business allows us to provide advice to help you with loss mitigation. Our claims service is unsurpassed, and our carriers offer advisory services with experts who can recommend how to care for, display and transport items in your collection. At Acacia, we also give you the flexibility to insure each item in your collection separately or to cover all of your valuables together with a blanket policy. We go far beyond evaluation and protection—and far beyond other insurance agencies.

Your collection is covered. Isn’t it?

Unfortunately, many collections aren’t adequately covered. No matter what you collect, Acacia Insurance makes sure that your valuable items are protected. Because collections often appreciate, we offer coverage that pays up to 150% of a scheduled collection’s appraised value, eliminating the need to have your items constantly re-appraised.

Unlike most insurance brokerages, we automatically cover purchases made anywhere in the world for 90 days—most insurers only offer a month of coverage for items bought in the U.S. and Canada. So whether you’re buying a carpet in Istanbul or an opal pendant in Sydney, Acacia Insurance covers your valuables on the way home.

The Art of Insurance.

We understand that your collection is more than just something you hang on the wall—it’s your passion. For nearly 150 years, our carriers have specialized in protecting family heirlooms and valuable collections. That’s why our unique services are tailor-made for people who want to love their collections, not worry about them. From global purchase protection to automatic increases in coverage, Acacia Insurance offers a range of coverage options specifically designed for collectors of fine objects.

Not all insurance brokerages know how to cover the finer things in life. At Acacia Insurance, it’s our passion and we've been helping to make the unexpected uneventful since 1988. Please contact us with questions and for additional information.

Ready to learn more?

The insurance policy, not this Web site, forms the contract between the insured and the insurance company. The policy may contain limits, exclusions, and limitations that are not detailed in this Web site. Coverages may differ by state.

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