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Liability Insurance for Boat Owners

Updated: May 16

Boat Owner’s insurance is a safety precaution just as essential as a life vest or a fire extinguisher. Getting the right insurance can be essential, as boating is an enjoyable—but potentially dangerous—endeavor. Liability insurance is a key component of boat owner’s insurance. It may offer protection if you get sued. With boat insurance from Acacia Insurance, you get liability insurance that protects you and members of your household, if you or they were legally liable for injuries or property damage arising from a boating accident. Coverage may also pay the costs to defend you against lawsuits, if you’re sued.

Boat Owner’s liability insurance is a safety precaution just as essential as a life vest or a fire extinguisher.

What if someone gets hurt on your watch?

Boat ownership is many people's dream, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. When someone gets hurt, there are at least two types of important coverage that may help.

  1. Medical Payments Coverage pays for reasonable medical expenses, regardless of fault, if someone is injured on your boat. It can be an important addition to your policy. “Med Pay” typically provides up to $5,000 for each injured person, although limits of $10k or higher may be available.

  2. Uninsured Boaters Coverage addresses the risk of injury caused by another boater who does not have insurance. Docking accidents are more common than open-water incidents, although this coverage is not available in all states.

Coverage doesn’t end there: when a hurricane warning has been issued by the National Weather Service, boat insurance from Acacia Insurance may pay for expenses incurred when hauling your boat out of the water. For additional protection, there is “Emergency Service Coverage.” If your boat breaks down this option may reimburse you for towing and labor on land or water, including delivery of fuel, oil, or a battery.

Ready to learn more?

Acacia Insurance has been helping to make the unexpected uneventful since 1988, and we look forward to working with you. Please contact us with questions and for additional information.

The insurance policy, not this Web site, forms the contract between the insured and the insurance company. The policy may contain limits, exclusions, and limitations that are not detailed in this Web site. Coverages may differ by state.

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