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Take the Valuables Quick Quiz

Updated: May 16

It has never been easier to get scheduled valuable posessions coverage.

Items can be scheduled on an individual or blanket basis, and by working closely with Chubb, Acacia Insurance makes the process convenient: appraisals for items with an individual value under $50,000—while recommended—are not required.

Do you need the added protection of Scheduled Valuable Possessions coverage? Take a moment to consider what your valuables are worth in the following categories and keep in mind that most homeowner’s policies pay no more than $1,000 total for unscheduled items, subject to your deductible.

If your deductible is more than $1,000 and your home insurance policy has a $1,000 limit on valuables (jewelry, fine art, silverware, wine, etc.), you might not receive any payment in the event of a covered loss to your valuables.

Valuables to consider; do any of these categories exceed $1,000 in value?

  • Jewelry: Rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, and similar items made of gold, silver, and platinum with or without precious or semiprecious stones.

  • Fine Arts: Paintings, etchings, tapestries, art glass, statuary of marble or bronze, rare glass, books, porcelains, antique furniture, lamps and other collectibles.

  • Collectibles: Wine or fine liquors, cameras, top end sports equipment, coin and stamp collections.

  • Silverware: Silverware, silverplate, goldware, pewter and similar items.

Ready to learn more?

Acacia Insurance has been helping to make the unexpected uneventful since 1988, and we look forward to working with you. Please contact us with questions and for additional information.

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